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Work Site: Poland, Poland

Opening Date:  Sep 13, 2017
Closing Date:  Dec 13, 2017
For manpower pooling only, no fees to be collected. Beware of illegal recruiters
Gender: M
Education: Bachelor's / College Degree
Yrs. of Experience: 2
Job Details: 
-  2  to 10 years experience as site engineer.
-  Competent and suitably qualified in civil engineering.
-  University or technical college qualifications are suitable.
-  Responsible for site engineering tasks including the checking of works and assistance of other production supervision.
-  Ability to read and understand both concrete and reinforcement drawings.
-  Reporting to the engineer in charge of the project.
-  Able to liaise with other production staff to ensure the co-ordination of works.

Projects are initiated in accordance with client objectives and requirements. After client's acceptance of the proposal, start and completion dates are established and the project is immediately initiated. Upon completion of the project, Sample Co. stands ready to provide continued assistance in implementing further project recommendations.

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